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Nati & Yani wish to welcome you to our page. Thank you for visiting us, here you can find the shared ideas of two passionate women who want to create unique experiences that can reach the deepest parts of the Self. We have both dedicated years to gathering people in our different professions and now together, we have a great recipe for creativity and organizational skills! Our mission is to craft events to find joyful moments both of inner solitude and shared mindful escapades.


Welcome to the Namaste tribe!  

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Yoga Mat and Straps

Nati Deprati

Yoga Instructor 

I discovered Yoga about fifteen years ago in Argentina where the first
Instructor and Teacher Training began there, then I travelled to India in 2010 and where I continued my practices and studies of Ashtanga and Prana Vashya Yoga. And where I lived for seven years between comings and goings.

I love the philosophy of Yoga and it is an honour for me to share this deeply transformative practice with you.

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Yani Rubini

Writer, Cook & Mentor

I began cooking when I was young thanks to the influence of my Grandmothers. I am a Self-Learner that realized food and health are really the same thing. I have run my own business for the last fourteen years and now I am exploring new ways to bring people to a higher understanding of the Self.

Let's eat!

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