Om Voyage

Decorative Shape
Steering Wheel Grunge

Sailing into the soul

A sky full of stars...


The Yatch

Sail the Mediterranean with us in this spectacular Yatch.

The yacht's interior disposes of double beds and bunk beds. You can enjoy a bed to yourself or book with a friend. The boat accommodates nine guests plus the instructor, chef and the skipper. 

Group SUP

The Retreat

The Retreat is centered around water, around healing with this primordial element and flowing with nature until we find our connection. With the Moonlight to guide us and a sky full of stars, we perhaps find the healing and the high vibrational experiences we all have been seeking for.

Group SUP

The Yogi

I love the philosophy of Yoga and it is an honour for me to share this deeply transformative practice with you. Through the practice of Yoga you begin a journey of connecting with yourself, a connection with your body to feel yourself to respect yourself and to relax yourself - a state of harmonising the energetic points of your body. Yoga gives you a space to listen to yourself and others.



The Cook

We are eating the best, a selection of nutritious and delicious foods to make our meals together an experience. We will also learn about food, the Alkaline way of living and workshops to expand our understanding of this crucial part of our lives: our nourishment.