Private Bookings 

You dream it, we Om it!

This is a list of private services we offer. Please, get in touch for more details.

We can design the experience you and your tribe are searching for. Life is to live it with those we love.

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Sora Adventure

Sora is a beautiful ship ready to sail into clear waters with you and three friends. With capacity for seven people, the Om my Retreat team plus the Captain welcome you for a well attended, relaxing, private experience to receive absolute dedication to get deeply into our practices, strengthen our bonds and share high vibrations with those closest to us. 

Hochi Adventure

Let's get together! A sailing into the crystal sea along our friends or family. An experience for nine guests or less, along with the Om my Retreat team plus the Captain, our practice will be enrichening by the energy that everyone brings. Yoga and nourishing food for everyone to integrate new experiences and get to know ourselves in depth. 


Mountain Escapade

We just love this location in Guadalest and we believe is perfect to reconnect with nature, the mountains, the sun and moon. An old finca kept impeccable is waiting for you and your tribe to find the moments you have been meaning to find. With room to up to twenty people, you have to see it to believe it!

We can also organize retreats in any other location you may have in mind!

Day Retreat in Javea

Fancy a day with your close ones without the hazzle of traveling or having to spare too much time? Our day escapades are perfect for you. In a stunning old finca in Javea, we can create a way out of the monotony in simply enjoy still moments together. A program dedicated to slowing down, flowing and reconnecting with ourselves, all packed in one day. 

Handfasting Ceremonies Are Seriously Pop

Om my Love

We are just starting with this and we will keep on expanding. If you are looking for a High Frequency Union instead of a typical wedding, we have the perfect plan for you. Our mission is to craft an incomparable heightened state for you and your guests to align and connect before the big day, creating unique experiences for your soul tribe to share, so everyone is resonating with the vibration of love, taking active part energetically and bringing for the magical vibes. 

All plant based, eco and spiritual unions for those whose love is to be celebrated within as well as without. Let this love we all feel reach new heights.